Fraud Prevention

Secure Your Business From Online Payment Fraud

FraudLabs Pro provides an advanced fraud prevention solution that helps protect your online business from payment fraud (also known as CNP fraud). Our sophisticated solution enables you to efficiently minimize fraud losses and chargebacks, giving you the confidence to focus on expanding your online business.

Why FraudLabs Pro for Fraud Detection

Screen your order automatically to minimize fraud losses and chargebacks.

Comprehensive Fraud Validation

The system conducts a comprehensive fraud validation on all elements (data points), including IP geolocation, email, billing and shipping information, credit cards, anonymous proxies, blacklisted data, transaction velocity, and more. This allows the system to detect fraud patterns effectively.

Validation Rules Customization

The system offers a wide range of fraud validation rules that you can use to customize and automate fraud checks, which can be easily expanded to include more rules as your business needs evolve. It helps in streamlining the fraud validation process, reducing manual efforts, and saving time.

Global Merchant Network

FraudLabs Pro has an extensive global merchant network, where each merchant in the network shares data on fraud attempts and patterns, allowing the system to detect and prevent fraud more effectively. This enables our clients to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of merchants from around the world.

Protect Your Business From Online Payment Fraud

Stay one step ahead with FraudLabs Pro's advanced fraud prevention solution - detects e-commerce fraud and reduce chargebacks.


Wide Range of Fraud Detection Integration

Easily integrate and automate your fraud detection tasks by using our ready plugins.

Supported Platforms

FraudLabs Pro has more than 22 ready plugins for the major e-commerce platforms.

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Fraud Prevention OpenCart
Fraud Prevention Shopify
Fraud Prevention WooCommerce
Fraud Prevention WHMCS
Fraud Prevention Magento
Fraud Prevention PrestaShop
Fraud Prevention BigCommerce
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FraudLabs Pro offers a ready and easy-to-use REST API for integration. We provide sample codes and SDKs in various programming languages to assist you with integration.

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Request URL

curl -X POST -d "key=FRAUDLABS_PRO_API_KEY" -d "ip="

API Response

    "ip_geolocation": {
        "ip": "",
        "continent": "North America",
        "country_code": "US",
        "country_name": "United States of America",
        "region": "California",
        "city": "Mountain View",
        "latitude": 37.3861,
        "longitude": -122.0839,
        "zip_code": "94035",
        "timezone": "-08:00",
        "isp_name": "Google LLC",
        "domain": "",
        "netspeed": "T1",
        "mobile_mnc": null,
        "mobile_mcc": null,
        "mobile_brand": null,
        "elevation": 32,
        "usage_type": [
            "Data Center\/Web Hosting\/Transit"
        "is_proxy": false,
        "is_in_blacklist": false
    "billing_address": {
        "ip_distance_in_km": null,
        "ip_distance_in_mile": null,
        "is_ip_country_match": null
    "shipping_address": {
        "is_address_ship_forward": null,
        "is_bill_country_match": null,
        "is_bill_state_match": null,
        "is_bill_city_match": null,
        "is_bill_postcode_match": null,
        "is_export_controlled_country": null,
        "is_in_blacklist": null
    "email_address": {
        "is_free": null,
        "is_disposable": null,
        "is_domain_exist": null,
        "is_new_domain_name": null,
        "is_in_blacklist": null
    "phone_number": {
        "is_disposable": null,
        "is_in_blacklist": null
    "username": {
        "is_high_risk": null,
        "is_in_blacklist": null
    "credit_card": {
        "card_brand": null,
        "card_type": null,
        "card_issuing_bank": null,
        "card_issuing_country": null,
        "is_prepaid": null,
        "is_bin_exist": null,
        "is_bin_country_match": null,
        "is_in_blacklist": null
    "device": {
        "is_malware_exploit": false,
        "is_in_blacklist": null
    "user_order_id": "",
    "fraudlabspro_id": "20231228-1AHGZT",
    "fraudlabspro_score": 74,
    "fraudlabspro_status": "APPROVE",
    "fraudlabspro_rules": [],
    "api_version": "2.0.0",
    "remaining_credits": 497109

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